Author = Pourahmad, Ahmad
Analysis of spatial transformation in the central part of Tehran based on the theory of complexity

Volume 11, Issue 41, December 2021, Pages 23-42


Hosein Hatami nejad; ahmad pourahmad; keramat allah zyari; hossein behbodimoghadam

Assessment of Loyalty in Cultural Heritage Tourists at Ramsar Destination

Volume 11, Issue 39, June 2021, Pages 153-166


Seyyed Mohammad Mirtaghian Rudsari; Ahmad Pourahmad

An Assessment of Equity in Urban Health (Case Study: Bojnord City, Iran)

Volume 10, Issue 38, March 2021, Pages 173-196


Mohammad Ahmadi; Hossein Hataminejad; Ahmad Pourahmad; Keramatollah Ziari; saeed zanganeh shahraki; Hasan Parsi pour

Evaluation of vacant lands for infill development by used of hybrid decision-making techniques and ARCGIS (case study: Ahvaz city)

Volume 7, Issue 26, April 2018, Pages 163-182

mahmod arvin; ahmad pour ahmad; saeed zanganeh shahraki

Evaluation of Sustainable Tourism Development Indicators on host communities Case Study: Sari

Volume 6, Issue 21, December 2016, Pages 160-172

Ahmad Pour ahmad; mahnaz hoseini; amin safdari molan

Analysis of measure quality of life in New towns (A Case Study: new city of Binalud)

Volume 5, Issue 16, September 2015, Pages 18-36

kramat ziari; mohammad ahmadi

Evaluation and Compare of Sidewalk in Haft Hose and Moghadam

Volume 2, Issue 6, May 2012, Pages 37-56

A. Pourahmad; A. Hajisharifi; M. Ramezanzadeh Lasboyee