Peer Review Process


Article submission process                   

 Sign up in the system:

1- Reviewing and accepting articles are possible only through the Quarterly Website ( In order to register in the quarterly website and submit your article, please follow the following steps:

2- Login to the website (

3. Click the (system log in) option, then click on the word (sign up in the system). The sign up page will appear. Once you have completed the sign up page, click the Save option at the bottom of the page, then go to your E-mail and receive your username and password.

- Now enter your registered username and password, and use the online services of the quarterly journal.

Note: This username and password can be used both for refereeing and submitting your articles.


Publishing costs  

As of October 2015, it was decided that in the first step after the review of the initial referee of the respected author, the amount of Rls. 500,000 would be paid for the continuation of the refereeing.

In the second step, after the final acceptance, the amount of Rls. 2,500,000 would be received for edition, page layout and printing of the paper and after final confirmation and queuing for printing it should be deposited to the account No. 3150063581, named Golestan University Publications Revenue in the Bank Tejarat and sent to the E-mail address of the Quarterly Journal.

Adding ID No. 005004003042 in bank receipts is required.