Evaluating the application of the concept of sustainability in the content of urban development plans with discourse analysis technique (Case study; Karaj metropolis)

Document Type : Article extracted From phd dissertation


1 Faculty of Islamic Azad University of Markaz

2 Deputy of Karaj Urban Development and Reconstruction Organization



Due to the evolution of the concept of sustainability since the 1980s, the demand for sustainable urban development has become one of the most important goals and a suitable tool for urban managers and planners in the 21st century. In this regard, Karaj metropolis as a case example with experience of rapid urbanization changes and despite the implementation of five decades of urban development plans in it is faced with crises in different dimensions. Failure to explain the appropriate development pattern can lead to irreparable damages for such cities in developing countries.

In this qualitative quantitative research, in the first step, in order to statistics of native indicators of sustainable urban development, while reviewing the approach and related experiences, using systematic analysis technique, 6000 indicators were extracted from 143 sources. After analyzing and combining the findings, 47 stability indices were calculated.

Then, the statistical population was introduced using snowball sampling method in combination with purposeful selection with 12 activists. Activists attempted to localize the mentioned indicators using adaptive analysis technique using the methodology of "Green Book" (EDRD Research and Development Office) and were leveled by analytical hierarchy hierarchy system. Then, relying on content analysis technique, activists' expectations of sustainable development indicators in urban development plans were investigated.

In the next step, the local indicators of sustainable development in the content of urban development plans (with critical discourse analysis technique) were evaluated. The results show that the applied status of sustainable development indicators in the content of urban development plans is not in favorable and acceptable conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to revise the process of preparing and content of urban development plans as one of the tools for achieving development and developing a comprehensive development plan and balancing different aspects of development.