Sanitary Landfill Site Selection for Municipal Waste based on Environmental Approach (Case Study: Bardaskan City of Khorasan Razavi Province)

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1 Assistant Professor of Water Sciences and Engineering Department of Water Sciences and Engineering Kashmar Higher Education Institute

2 Assistant Professor Department of Watershed Management, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran

3 Member of International Association of Hydrogeologists

4 M.Sc of Natural Resources Engineering in Watershed Management. Birjand University

5 Monitoring expert of Bardskan Environment Department



Landfill development can affect a place's physical, biological, economic, and social factors. This study aims to identify the appropriate landfill in Bardaskan city, located in the west of Khorasan Razavi province, and to investigate the existing landfill's suitability for this use. To do this, first, environmental criteria affecting the selection of suitable landfill development sites were identified, mapped, and weighed using the AHP process. Weighing results showed that geological criteria, distance from drinking wells, and distance from Bardaskan city with weights of 0.173, 0.172, and 0.124, respectively, are the most important in identifying a suitable site. Afterward, landfill site selection was performed using Multi-Criteria Evaluation using the WLC method. The WLC suitability map was classified into five categories, including very low to very high suitability, and based on this, potential landfill sites were identified. According to the results, 5% of the basin had very high suitability, and 32% had high suitability for developing landfill sites. Also, based on the suitability map, the existing landfill site indicates that it is in a good category. In the next step, in order to choose the best site for the landfill, the Iranian Leopold matrix was prepared and completed for each of the selected zones. The evaluation results showed that among the investigated areas, the current landfill - with remedial measures - is the best place for landfill sites in this basin. The proximity of water resources (rivers and aqueducts), the long distance to the city of Bardaskan, and unsuitable soil were the most important reasons for removing other areas.


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