An analytical research on Emam Khomeini international Airport effects on external Tourism

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An analytical research on Emam Khomeini international Airport effects on external Tourism
On of the most important factors of development of international traveling is the development of transportation and communication .traveling by air has its own special importance.
Regarding the field of transportation, Tourism, time and place speed that planes have brought forth ,they have had a vast number of consequences on tourism patterns , because it takes less than 24 hours to travel across the world from any place.
In fact there has been a reduction in both time and money finance to travel by air. yet the effects of traveling by air are not always the same.
So in this article in order to analyze the above mentioned subject ,the Emam Khomeini international Airport has been selected ,as a case study and the most important airport of the country .using the number of travelers and the number of flights information to and from this airport to 47 international Airport s of the world ,during the years 84 to 88 .
Using regressions time & measure and time series Models. Also using Spss and Itsm soft wares ,I have analyzed the number of flights of tourism(regression model)the airport grading among the world airports ,the number of travelers and flights to and from this airport has been considered (time series model).
It is also anticipated that the number of travelers will be increased in coming years .
Key words: Emam Komeini international Airport, external Tourism ,International flights, Air industry transportation


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