Relevance Assessment of the Impact of Precipitation Variability on Chemical Quality of Surface Water in the Gorganrud River Basin Emphasizing Different Global Warming Scenarios

Document Type : Research Paper



During the past decades, the human manipulation of the natural environment is increased and influenced the environment destructively. For instance, rising use of fossil fuel and greenhouse gasses emissions accelerated the global climate change. Variation in the amount of precipitation is one of the consequences of this phenomenon that consequently affects the quality of water resources in general, and the quality of surface water resources in particular. Considering the population growth in the country, demands for water resources, for both potable and agricultural purposes, is increasing. Hence, this study attempts to investigate the effect of climate change on the precipitation anomalies and assessment of the relationship between these anomalies and the quality of surface water in the outlet of Gorganrud basin (one of the populous and agricultural basins).  


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