Geomorphology and Morphotectonic Area of Lali–Gotvand, Khuzestan Province

Document Type : Research Paper



Morphotectonic analysis by using the geomorphometry indicators was performed as a tool for identifying areas of tectonic deformation in the Lali– Gotvand area. The methods used in this study were mainly based on the remote sensing method and data processing was done in GIS software and its analysis functions. Calculation of VF Index  showed values 0.33 for the V-shaped valleys and values higher than 6.5 for the U-shape’s,  The Hi index showed greater values than 0.5 for active regions and Af index represented values 15<│Af-50│etc.), for Category 1.drawnup topographic profiles showed uplift and rough Topography increase from the South West to the North East, which was more in the AA profile, that these Topography changes were consistent with tectonic zoning map made using the VF index, of studied area. The results of the geomorphometry indices indicated that the Lali - Gotvand area is located in active tectonic regions.  


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