-Assessment of Sustainability indicators in small cities. case study: small cities in Mazandaran province

Document Type : Research Paper



the present research is trying to respond the key question of “what levels of sustainability exist in small cities of Mazanadran province based on effective dimensions and components of sustainable urban development?” to answer this question, Prescott Alan’s Barometer of sustainability and Radar model have been used to analyze data. In order to select the sample, the study area has been divided to three eastern, central and western areas based on extent and population and it is selected a few towns or cities in each area. The results indicate that, among the studied cities and towns, three are in potentially unsustainable condition, two are medium level of sustainability and also two cities are potentially sustainable. It also shows that human welfare components are in poorer sustainable levels compare to ecosystem welfare components in studied cities, Furthermore, these cities have relatively poor level sustainablity generally


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