-Spatial-Local Analysis of Mobility and Persistence of College Graduates in the Dynamics of Rural Higher Education System. Case Study: Payam-e-Noor University Centers, Payam-e-Noor Centers in the East

Document Type : Research Paper



As the study of geography, spatial relationships of phenomena owns a special place in geographical studies recognized the role of distance between study and stay places as well as residing of graduated individuals in rural settlements which is an important issue. The present paper aims to analysis of spatial dimensions of study places and migration of university graduates in rural areas. The study area is east part of Golestan province in Iran and time span of the study is from 1991 to 2011. Statistical sample includes university graduates of the mentioned area. Based on its objective, the present study is an applied-expansion research which is done by a descriptive-analytical method. Required data are collected using a researcher-created questionnaire. The size of sample was 205 persons selected randomly by Cochran method. The findings: 1-There are no significant relationships between the study place (university centers) and residential place. Because Sig=0.05-If there is not any Payam-e-Noor Centers, the number of people who have left school is greater as the distance to cities would be longer. Spearman test showed it as a significant relationship with 99% and Sig=0.000. -The stay indicator of population in study area shows that totally 58% of graduated persons remain and live in their rural areas. This figure is somehow greater for men in compare to women. -Given the fact that there is a job in their home village, the willingness of “staying in village” as well as “returning to village” for 80% of respondents was more than average   


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