The use of GIS and multi-criteria decision-making system in Selected the landfill (Case study:city of sari)

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban Planning, Payam Noor University, Tehran


Contamination can be in the form of chemicals or energy in the form of, for example, sound, light, heat or contaminate the environment. Reinfecting materials in the wake of natural events occur once known as pollutants that exceed the amount of the normal range. Oros forests of the region Sari Chahardangeh Belt near the National Park Kiasar, Forest with lush vegetation and beautiful with an unparalleled and magnificent landscape of Oros that shine like an emerald on the slopes and edges But unfortunately now the city landfill has been Sari
At the same time due to various factors criteria, depending on the problem and the need to research and study the evaluation criteria in the form of maps Shifting them effective tools for managing and using spatial data obtained is different that with The time and cost much less and also better methods can be undertaken to reform it Manage the operation of a landfill includes locating suitable disposal site, preparation of the landfill and landfill operations and engineering services. The first step in the design landfill site selection is appropriate. Effective measures for locating the landfill in the city of Sari Which includes the cities of Sari, Pain Hular, farim and is Kiasar. Related research was conducted by examining the past and was determined according to the experts The weight of the layers with a multi-criteria decision was And because it has been chosen from among several options. After weighting the criteria in Gegraphic information system suitable sites were introduced.


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